Understanding equine lameness book

This book is amazing its a great read, very interesting and not dry or boring. On this 5th year anniversary of western horsemans understanding lameness book, a book i wrote with the amazing dr. Lameness, a health condition that affects a horses gait, is the most costly health problem in. Whether your horse is a growing yearling, a highperformance athlete, a momtobe, or a favorite pasture horse, this important guide will help you make sense of the jargon, sort out the ingredients, and make a. Understanding lameness by terry swanson, 9780911647747, available at book depository with free delivery worldwide. In understanding lameness, veterinary professional dr. Understand the value of a prepurchase exam, whereby an equine veterinarian assesses lameness and conformation issues, as well as the health of the whole horse, before purchase. It covers all aspects of lameness as well as tests to help define where the problem comes from and tests a vet might do to aid in diagnosis. Original illustrations and photographs enhance the. Equine lameness affects all types horseswhether they are ridden for pleasure, racing, or sport. Helping you to apply many different diagnostic tools, diagnosis and management of lameness in the horse, 2nd edition explores both traditional treatments and alternative therapies for conditions that can cause gait abnormalities in horses. Examining equine lameness from diagnosis to prognosis.

Understanding equine lameness defines the condition of lameness in a straightforward, accessible style. In understanding equine nutrition, karen briggs, a horsewoman and equine nutritionist, sets out to make feeding horses simple again. Understanding equine lameness horse health care library. A basic understanding of lameness in horses is of great value and will assist you with. Be able to roughly detect lameness and avoid horses that are lame. You will learn how the horse s front and rear legs are put together and how the horse moves. I highly recommend this book for every horse owner, whether or not your horse has any issues. Understanding equine lameness book by les sellnow, les. Western horsemans understanding lameness book home. Swanson from littleton equine medical center, its an honor to remember working together for a noble project. Your guide to horse health care and management horse. Equine endocrinopathic laminitis explained the horse. Written by an international team of authors led by mike ross and sue dyson, this resource describes equine sporting activities and specific lameness.

Also covered are the common causes of lameness and how they are diagnosed, treated, and prevented. Examining equine lameness from diagnosis to prognosis paperback june 2, 2009 on. See all 2 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Equine medical center guides you through the degrees of lameness and the effects of injury on your horse s future health and serviceability. We worked hard to make sure that horse owners have a resource that is easy to understand. Understanding equine lameness horse health care library paperback march 25, 1998. Stay uptodate on the latest news about your horses health with free newsletters from.

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