Western digital my book won format the disk

Most probably your disk connecting cable may be damaged. Aug 26, 2019 by the way, after you fix the problem, if your data loss from the external hard drive and need to recover, dont forget to try recoverit, one of the most professional data recovery software. With the limited information you have presented, formatting drives with mac os 10. I had a failing wd mybook external hard drive, but instead of just.

Xbox one will not format external hard drive microsoft. How to fix bricked wd my book world edition white light or. I have booted the computer with the leopard dvd and used disk utility. Recently i read that all the mybook disks utilize a special usb to sata chip with encryption so that the internal disk cannot be read on a computer if the disk is taken out of the mybook enclosure and connected to the internal sata port of the computer. Once the new id number was written to the hdd, the external hdd now showed and was available. Why wont my computer boot when i connect my usb drive to the computer before.

This is the most hard drive failures i have had in my career, all within the time of using windows 10. Per my research, the only real problem that could occur is if this disk is the windows boot disk. Western digital inand memory has become an important part of automated driver systems with local storage to fit the demanding data needs of the vehicle. I need to use it for iphoto and it has the wrong format. Insert the external hard disk and check if the driver is getting install or not. Products like wd my book, my passport and elements are favored by a lot of people. To get started, choose the western digital brand youd like help with. Following site procedures for reformatting to mac os extended journaled and erasing the disk using mac disk utility, i received the message unmounting disk mediakit reports not enough space on device for requested operation. Click apply button to carry out the pending operations.

You can only return complete mbwe with disk s to western digital to get a new one, if you have void warranty for warranty conditions see. The 4tb seagate is a different drive, and makes less noise than the wd4tb. My book external hard drive wont power up external. Millions of people around the world trust their data to my book desktop storage. Oct 20, 2015 the encryption systems used in western digital s portable hard drives are pretty pointless, according to new research. Wd my book essential not being recognized in windows 10. Ive got tons of digitized video and backup files on there that i dont have anywhere else. If this method also cannot fix the issue disk 1 unknown not initialized western digital, try another solution as follows. Available in various editions from essential, to premium to world edition. Do not add new data do not add any new files to the wd hard disk after data loss from western digital external hard drive. Operation failed dont understand the space issue and since the disk is unmounted ii am.

Some of the common troubleshooting are discussed below. I couldnt agree with this, so i decided to make it on my own and here it is. Western digital hard drive data recovery definitive guide. Rightclick the partition on wd drive and choose format in the main interface of minitool partition wizard. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. I just received my western digital 8tb easystore external hdd wdbcka0080hbknesn that costs more and is rumored to use higher quality wd red nas drives. Also, when plugged in at boot up, it stopsfreezes computer from completing. The automotive industry is undergoing significant transformation with electrification and the development of autonomous vehicles. I just got the r9000 and am trying to attache a 4 gb western digital mybook which is also new.

So i started searching for a fix and read forum post after forum post about other people with this drive and other wd external drives doing the exact same thing. Hello all, today i bought the 4tb my passport from best buy. I have looked but there is no tab or switch on the usb drive to unlock or disable the write protect. Download wd quick formatter to format external drive in. Equipped with wd backup software for windows and apple time machine compatibility for mac, the my book desktop hard drive can back up your photos, videos. Macbook external hard drive not recognized how to reformat. Wd my book external hdd will not show up in windows 10. No matter what problems you are meeting on a disk, first aid is your first choice to repair it. Connect your wd external hard drive to your computer, and open disk management. Unfortunately doing this split my disk into 2 unallocated partitions the 2nd of which i am unable to format in any way now. It shows up in disk utility and passes verification and repair with flying colors. In the middle of copying files, i accidentally unplugged it. With the drive constantly creating more and more bad sectors some or most of your data may already be corrupt.

Hi there, as explained on the manual of the mbw, log to the configuration page go to advanced mode system tab configuration restore to factory defaults. There is a video after that you can watch as extra help. I havent even backedup that many times so its got plenty of space. Reply to us with the information, so that we can assist you better. I have tried formatting the my book drive using file explorer, but it tells me the drive is write protected. Wd quick formatter, also known as wd advanced format drivers afds, is an external hard drive format utility for windows and mac, developed by western digital technologies, inc. Why is my wd my book prompting me to format the disk. So, i followed the steps i went into disk utility, selected my passport, clicked. Using the my book icon right or controlclick the my book icon on the desktop and click eject my book where my book is the name you assigned to the volume when you reformatted the drive for use on a mac computer. Wd smartware is another great tool for recuperating access to your hard drive. Rightclick the existing volume on the portable hard drive, choose shrink volume in the drop down menu and follow the shrink volume wizard to shrink the. Free download western digital fat32 formatting tool for. R9000 readyshare does not recognize wd mybook netgear. I can format the drives and reuse them but it slowly starts to happen again.

Western digital wd provides various data storage solutions to help users capture and preserve their most valued data. Wd my passport for mac won t mount on my mac pro in response to phyllis ormsby. Both the wd 4tb and seagate 5tb make noise, the seagate 5tb is more noisy. Choose a correct file system and click ok on the popup window. Mar 09, 2007 yes, i to am a casualty from this western digital wd5000co32 my book rubbish drive. It won t format with disk utility under mac os extended journal. Consider doing the same for any partitions you can access. Wd external hd error you need to format the disk before. Is there any fast way to reformat the wd portable hard drive and erase all the data on the hard drive.

I have wd my book essential external hard drive, 2tb and was using it regularly in windows 8. I can see it in usb settngs and added it as an approved device. Great for backing up, it may have a faster connection than my 2 external ssds but i wouldnt recommend using it as a cache or media disk for video editing. Run disk utility to repair the wd external hard drive. It is full to the brim 500gb worth of music files vids etc. When i connect hard drive to my pc then it shows just blank h. Here, you will find more information on how to erase the drive and unlock it. My book essential user manual about your wd drive 1 about your wd drive welcome to your my book essential external hard drive, an elegant, highcapacity storage solution for all the chapters of your di gital life. Your my book drive is formatted as a single ntfs partition for compatibility. Dear dennis, i dont know whats going on but all my files on my external western digital my book are marked as read only.

Open disk utility clicking on the main disk not the secondary click on erase an put as format. It does offer a scan to fix it but wd does not recommend it without backing everything up on the laptop hard drive first. Windows 10 wd mybook not recognized anywhere on my dell. Partition wd external portable hard drive in windows 1087. Wd 1140 my book usb device will only show up as local disk. Twice now i have had problems formatting a new western digital my book external drive under 10. Western digital my book connection to windows 10 microsoft. Western digital offers an expansive portfolio of technologies, storage devices, systems and solutions for businesses and consumers alike.

How to solve my wd hard drive not recognized in windows 10. How to reformat western digital portable hard drive. When you cant find or access the data on your western digital wd external hard drive, it can be devastating especially when the lost data are those precious photos and computer backups. I just want to erase all time machine data that is filling whole disk space.

The first time this happened, i found an obscure firmware update at western digitals forums. How to low level format or write zeros full erase to a wd hard drive or solid state drive. Reformatting a external western digital my book drive. A line of external hard drives by western digital, styled after hardbound books. The power connector, interface port, and a security slot on the back usb 3. User manual restoring the wd smartware software and disk image in addition to deleting all of the data on your my book drive, erasing or reformatting the drive also removes the wd smartware software and all of the support files, utilities, online help and user manual files. Wd my book external drive not working external hardware. As an option to recover the data on the drive, you can try by opening it from disk management. If your product is not listed above, please visit the product page. The reason that i have five is because they are solid drives at an outstanding price. Disk wont format external drives for mac wd community. How to partition and format a wd drive on windows 7, vista, xp and mac osx if you still cannot reformat, you may try writing zeroes to it, then reformat. Wd my book hw recognized by cpu, could manually copy files, but unable to do full backup.

Read speeds up to 2000mbs to decrease load times and get you into the game faster. Apr 25, 2014 stop using the drive further and get into data recovery mode. Wd backup sw could not find device repeatedly, even w tech support. External drive like wd elements, my book and my passport can be formatted to fat32 via this tool. Wd smartware for windows supports the following operating. Wd 2 tb my book not recognized by norton or by file explorer, but shows up in device manager. They are all western digital drives and they are all of different ages. Full solutions to fix disk unknown not initialized 2 cases. Disk drive format your my book drive is formatted as a single exfat partition for compatibility with all updated windows and mac operating systems. If the drive is connected to the computer, via usb3 or usb2, the computer will not boot up.

I plugged it in yesterday and the blue light came on and then went off and it won t power up at all. In disk management, if you find disk shows unallocated space, just try to do partition recovery. I have tried about half a dozen of the methods that i have read on other posts and forums and still am not able to recognize my. Our datacentric solutions are comprised of the western digital, gtechnology, sandisk, upthere and wd brands.

Designed to meet wds demanding requirements for durability, shock tolerance, and longterm reliability, we back up pun intended. The only way i can format it is via wd software wd drive manager, since my model is the 2tb raid. This is useful if a drive is being used under both operating system osto. Mar 07, 2016 hi, i own several western digital mybook external harddrives. How to unlock a wd external drive without a password ccm.

Try wd advanced format utility alternative easeus external hard drive formatter to format disk while wd external drive format failed with wd quick formatter tool. My passport wont format external drives for mac wd. The secret to reformatting a western digital wd 1tb my book. My computer recognizes the drive, and i can write to it and read from it, in fact i have saved my first complete disk backup. Disk utility fails to format the drive as max os x extended journaled with a format failed. Western digital my book problem question and answer dti data. I have tried both drives on my friends xbox and they show up, can be formatted and can move to and from the drives.

Wd my book external hdd will not show up in windows 10 i am trying to get a wd my book hdd connected to my pc running windows 10. Wd my passport for mac wont mount on apple community. Once system operational and plugged in, it appears in device manager. Whether you need to know how to format wd my passport for your mac. Our latest edition features visual, easytouse, automatic, continuous backup software and drive lock security protection. If you are unable to retrieve the data, i can recommend to use the ontracks data recovery software. My mybook 3t drive, less than 1 yr old, only used for time machine backups, refuses to power up now. Or can i scan and fix without losing any of my documents all my research for a book and about 10,000 pictures help. Mar 06, 2020 wd smartware is another great tool for recuperating access to your hard drive. Companies are gathering as much data as possible to help the. Sep 26, 2016 wd my book external drive not working posted in external hardware. So, even though my computer management did show the whole 4tb disk was all formatted as ntsf in one whole 4tb volume, i did follow the wd article directions to delete volume in order to re format the disk.

Hi guys, i have western digital external hdd 2 tb green that seems to have stopped working. Western digital wd 1 tb my book external hard drive, they usually come formatted. Windows 10 is killing my western digital hard drives. Ive not used any of these for xbox, but i just thought i would share for people interested in the noise difference between them. My book drive, with the wd backup, wd drive utilities, and wd security.

Go to western digital site and in downloads there is a software for diagnosis. My book desktop storage has massive storage capacity so you can confidently back up the files that make up your digital life. Format western digital passport to fat32 with wd quick formatter. Download wd quick formatter to reformat wd external hard drive to ntfs, fat32, etc in windows 1087.

It will also display other disks volumes, typically they do not have assigned drive name, that is the reason, the computer can not display these disks. When the disk is connected to the computer it spins up properly but apart from that i receive no other indication or message. Ive formatted the drive on a pc and made sure it had a partition. It appears anyone getting hold of the vulnerable devices can easily decrypt them. Youll find below the ten quick steps, using words and pictures. On other note, i did experienced some issue with my new hitachi xl2000 2tb hd. Right click on the drives partition and choose the option that says open or explore. Apr 29, 2020 a variety of reasons can result in a western digital external hard drive not recognized. Rebuilding mbr cannot always fully work on the disk unknown not initialized issue. Ive tried both of my external hard drives, one is a 1 tb hgst touro as well as my wd 2tb my book. It is because the file system of the disk has been corrupted, preventing the disk from being accessible on mac. Surely, you can also format the partition in disk management.

I have an external hard drive western digital elements 500gb, aproximately 2 years old, which is not recognized at all from a newly bougth zbook 15 g3. This, without access to the wd external drive, is impossible. Full solutions to no writable partition found in wd smartware. Open disk utility yes again, if you want other recovery software you may choose to use disk warrior or a deleted data recovery application. The drive was working fine, then one day out of nowhere it wasnt getting recognized, but showed in disk management as 0mb and needed to be initialized, which i knew would erase the data. The other answer does a good job of how to use disk utility to format a normal drive, but not all of wd external drives will work with that. Since it was i that came up with a solution, i am giving myself the best answer, however you both had been granted as a helpful post since both were the. Hi, just bought a wd my book 4tb desktop hard drive and its causing a major problem.

Fix wd hddexternal hdd not initialized, unknown with io. How to format a wd hard drive to exfat or fat32 file system. Using win 10 on new ssd, wd my book backup sw does not work. I use adobe editing software so i now use the 2 ssds for active projects and use the wd my book for backing up old projects and footage. I have a wd mybook 1tb external hard drive that i was using last week. Since i use a mac, i need to reformat the hard drive in order for it.

Solved wd my passport usb external hdd now shows up as. I sent it back for a refund and will be searching for a better alternative. I think it is necessary to reformat the wd portable hard drive and permanently erase my private data. Reformatting a external western digital my book drive ask different. I recently purchased a 4tb wd my passport external hard drive from costco. How to fix external hard drive not showing up youtube. A series of gigabit nas desktop drives of 1tb, 2tb, and 3tb varieties, made by wd in 2010. Try formatting the drive with windows, instead of using the quick formatter. A western digital external hard drive can be used on both windows and mac osx.

It won t allow a answered by a verified tech support specialist we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Hello, when i connect hard drive to my pc then it shows just blank h. Located your western digital my book and right click it. It can recover data even if the file system is corrupt. Popular as wd hard drives are, they disappoint users sometimes. For example you will see windows c or any other partitions your computer has. Feb 11, 2019 hard drives often have to be formatted to work on macbooks and apple desktops, but i definitely had some difficulty getting my windows ntfs formatted western digital drive to be recognized on my. Feb 14, 2015 forum forum my book world edition white light replace 1tb for 2tb or 4tb. Cannot format wd my book external drive i cannot format my western digital my book 750gb external drive with mac os extended journaled. I wait more than 15 to 20 mins but still it display as loading. There are many causes for wd hard drive data loss, from accidental deletion, disk formatting, to device corruptiondamage, etc.

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