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Listings for headsails racing used boat equipment. Jul 16, 2016 kelowna played host to the national sailing championship featuring a unique boat that is both fast and fun. We had the cars two holes aft of the 3rd screw and the sail trimmed in hard. In addition, he has placed 2 nd through 5 th multiple times in the national and north american championships of the j24, j22, j27, j105 coach, benetau 40. Top corinthian, professional, and club teams are turning to quantum for the fastest and most reliable sails to elevate their programs. Melges performance sailboats focuses on sailboat melges performance sailboats and sail design innovation north sails zenda and promoting the sport of sailing worldwide. Andrew, his wife stephanie, and their two sons currently reside in olympia, washington. Yacht scoring is a web based regatta management, regatta administration and regatta scoring system that simplifies the task of competitor registration, event management, competitor and media communications while providing results in nearreal time to competitors and the world following your event on the internet. Every sailor can learn from this book especially the good sailor who aspires to become very good. Because the jib on the melges 24 is a high aspect sail tall and skinny it is very sensitive to small adjustments in jib sheet tension.

That allows us to create designs that are perfectly matched to the melges 24 rig. Welcome to the melges 24 uk class association site. Fresh off the design line, the melges 40 features a new ownership concept for a onedesign racing class that promotes and strengthens a unique sailingracing experience. There are a few small class legal modifications that really help with sailing the boat. It features the latest news and events from the sailing world together with features and info in an easytouse format. Featuring over 150 lofts across the globe, innovative products and materials, and the north sails collection. North offers one mainsail design and two jibs, though we are phasing out whats called the jzero jib designed specifically for ocean swell sailing. When we eased it we went slower and did not depower much at all, although sometimes a little ease solved a problem with lee helm. Melges 24 doing port huron mac what are they thinking. The carbon keel fin weighs just 16 kilo while it supports a lead bulb of 286 kilos five feet below. Like other boats main trim on the melges 24 in keyed off the end of the top batten. Welcome to the melges 24 uk class association page.

Youre really lucky you dont need to sail with italians, just wanted to get that off my mind. West coast sailing is your source for melges 24 parts, rigging, and accessories. This boat has had continued success racing often finishing on the podium with great results. The melges 24 offers a true thoroughbred sports boat which is both easy to sail but has that hidden last few points for the dedicated teams to work out. The international melges 24 is the worlds leading high performance one design sportboat. He has competed in 10 world championships, 470, laser ii, 505, melges 24 and farr 30. Like other boats main trim on the melges 24 is keyed off the end of the top batten. As the wind increases the telltale will fly all the time. Melges 24 sails mainsails, jibs, and spinnakers north.

The physics of sailing arises from a balance of forces between the wind powering the sailing craft as it passes over its sails and the resistance by the sailing craft against being blown off course, which is provided in the water by the keel, rudder, underwater foils and other elements of the underbody of a sailboat, on ice by the runners of an ice boat, or on land by the wheels of a sail. Kelowna played host to the national sailing championship featuring a unique boat that is both fast and fun. The p3 is an allnew melges 24 runner that covers a wide wind range. World sailing news is the weekly online newsletter of the world sailing. The book is clearly organized, and melgess personality shines through the pages. There are two spinnaker designs, a reacher and a runner. We did increase the jib cunningham tension but probably not enough for 30 knots. Bill is the director of north u and author of the north u racing trim, north u racing tactics, and north u cruising and seamanship books and discs. The melges 32, flat stanley, was the first phrf boat to finish the fort lauderdale to key west pacific yankee wins backtoback winter series events. Conglomerating clippings from the magazine produced a very uneven book, sometimes conflicting, and frequently pitched to people of widely different experience. Our north sails melges 24 upwind sail trim webinar will be on tonight, monday, april at 8 pm.

Drew freides and bill ruhs pacific yankee won the melges ic37 lauderdale cup hosted by lauderdale. Sailrite offers free rig and sail dimensions with featured products and canvas kits that fit the boat. The melges 24 is built in the us, europe and australia. The international melges 24 class association im24ca exists to manage the melges 24 class and protect the interests of. Melges 24 team foxtrot aus 679 758 dan oconnal dave alexander alexander sails testing lab 20. The monohull sportsboat is notable for its ability to plane over the water downwind in modest winds, and for its combination of a simple design that is highly tunable. Melges 24 flies kite from her transom during last day of whidbey island race week 2011, as seen from the sc27 hanalei. Melges 24 boats for sale in australia are listed below kowabunga aus 679 formerly accru melges 24 boats for sale always a great performer with many points on the board. Btw, there are a few long time melges 24 sailors that have been trying to get this sorted out for years, its not a case of selling out safety for entrants or something its a case of enough melges 24 guys replacing enough old guys on the byc board. The melges 24 is a turbocharged onedesign that features many hightech components including a carbon spar, bowsprit, and vertical keel fin.

With a very large asymmetrical spinnaker and retractable bowsprit, he boat is notable for its ability to plane over the water downwind in modest winds, and for its combination of a simple design that is highly tuneable. Once your boat is set up properly, there are three sail adjustments that will affect your. Sailors can order a custom melges 14 dolly, easily car top it or tow it behind any vehicle. How to sail a melges 24 upwind in 30 knots sport boat. In light to moderate air we trim the main so that the telltale on the bop batten is stalled about 25% of the time. Currently mark races a full spectrum of boats, from j24s to gun boat 65s and. Norths standard melges 24 sails are aramid triradial, but the newer 3di sails will help jibs last longer. Melges 24 national champion michael goldfarb on warcanoe.

This suggests awesome horsepower that results in thrilling, highspeed sailing. This makes for a comfortable sail in all conditions. Best known for its very competitive disposition and easytosail personality, this. Sheeting the main hard enough on an mc scow in breeze can be taxing, especially over a day with multiple races. Its the sperrysailing anarchy world tour 2015, and that means fireworks at the columbia river gorge for the 2015 melges 24 us national championship. Trick monkey is transported on a factory single axle trailer. Insider tips from the top in the melges 24 class updated in 2016. Melges 24 sails quantum sails custom sail design and. Melges 24 sailors are now invited to renew annual memberships with the canadian melges class 24 association. Built by melges and designed by reichel pugh, the melges 14 exudes innovation and excellence in one design sailing.

Click the button below to add the melges 24 sail22 tuning guide sticker to your wish list. The boat is very stable with its minimum weight aloft and maximum weight down below. Melges performance sailboats manufactures and supports a wide range of onedesign boats including scows and sportboats and is located in southeastern wisconsin. Membership fees are due now and the membership is valid from january 1 till december 31. Shining the spotlight on zenda university 2017 melges. The melges 40 is a strict, onedesign weapon for windwardleeward, inshore and coastal racing. She came with cw galvanised trailer which has had a new axel, breaks, wheels and tyres in august 2019.

The sale runs from october 15, 2019 to october 31, 2019. Stunning performance yet incredible simplicity is the key to the success of the melges 24. This boat is race ready, sails in great shape, has been in covered storage for 6 years and it comes with a galvanized trailer. Downloadable sail trim guides articles quantum sails. With boats in north america, europe, asia, australia, and africa, the melges 14 is a onedesign fleet for the masses. Discounted orders must be shipped to a us address and purchaser must take. As the wind increases both telltales will fly all the time. From the early years, harry srs son harry buddy melges, jr. Melges 24 2 points 6 years ago alright, first things, sailed the worlds back last year. Doyle head sail maker luff 30 2 leech 27 8 foot 10 2 battened has only been used a handful of times. Built by melges and designed by reichel pugh, the new dinghy combines comfort and performance in a one design package. Prof oconnell to host north sails melges 24 upwind sail trim.

Andrew kerr was born in plymouth, devon, england and graduated from the london school of economics with a degree in government and politics. Information on membership types, the registration form, and payment options can be found on the membership page. How to guides and expertise international melges 24. The melges 24 hitting the scene in 1993, is a onedesign class of sailboat commonly used for racing. Drew mitchell grew up sailing at the lunenburg yacht club in nova scotia. The new p3 is designed to expand and improve the range of its predecessor, the p2.

Six minutes of melges 24 madness, a cool little watch, enjoy. Our newest generation of melges 24 upwind sails are turning heads with top results in class championships all over the world. Tightening or easing the jib sheet 12 can have a big effect on boat speed and pointing. Complete sail plan data for the melges 24 sailboat. Melges performance sailboats began as melges boat works, inc. The starting line of the 2020 melges 24 worlds in charleston is getting closer. This was one of the first books i read about sail trim and i nearly gave up the sport on the spot. Had to turn down my ride for baby watch, but cant wait to hear the stories. In light to moderate air we trim the main so that the telltale on the top batten is stalled about 25% of the time the second telltale from the top at the second batten, is flying 100% of the time. Sailing weight 809kg, keel weight 302kg, total correctors 10kg. Now boats in nearly 40 different countries, on four continents and almost 850 built boats. Its a perfect beach boat, family sailboat or a onedesign racing platform. Melges 24 sails mainsails, jibs, and spinnakers north sails. That allows us to create designs that are perfectly matched to the.

He has raced on and coached high performance one design for nearly 20 years. Trick monkey has to be seen in order to be appreciated. Apr 05, 2017 for example, the sail area displacement ratio of the j24 is 19. This book abounds with lessons on racing tactics and boat handling. Reigning melges 24 world and european champion maidollis of gianluca perego with carlo fracassoli at the helm. A tweak where you want at the top of the rig and much more flexible then the traditional flicker to allow for more backstay when you need it.

The melges 24 is a onedesign class of sailboat commonly used for racing. Drew races in the melges 24, farr 30, bluenose and martin 242 fleets and has won the farr 30 north americans and melges 24 pnw championship. North sails recommends the p1 reacher and p3 runner for a complete inventory. Melges 24 sailboat parts, rigging, and accessories west.

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