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Two types of channel sections and one type of box section were tested. Ferrocement construction technology and its applications. It is easy to construct, uses less cement and steel than a conventional rcc roof and is also cheaper. A ferrocement roof channel is a longitudinal element, semicylindrical shaped. Ferrocement houses utilizing local materials such as wood, bamboo or bush sticks. Purchase books about how to build a water tank, house, roof or swimming pool using ferrocement and biological fibers. Also see chapter six of house construction manual and chapter eight of tank book. The following advantages of ferrocement can be realized using proper construction techniques. Ferrocement construction manuals and delivery costs please choose your destination to receive lowest rate. Affordable and sustainable construction pattern, earthquake resisting structures. Can i build a ferrocement roof slab or floor slab that is say 10 feet square unsupported. Ferro cement as a cost effective alternative to rcc. Current ranges of ferrocement composition and properties.

The roof construction manual with over 1800 plans and 220 photographs is a vital reference work on the construction of pitched roofs. Reduced spacing yields uniform force dispersion and increases strength. Also see chapter three of house construction manual. Water from roofs a handbook for technicians and builders on survey, design, construction and maintenance of roof catchments a discharged petrol tank used for roof a water tank being built of compressed soil catchment of rainwater in somaliland. Innovative aspects ferrocement is well known from massive applications, mainly in roof structures nervi. Nabil taha has over 27 years of structural engineering experience. For the present international ferrocement society, bangkok, founded in 1991 and committee 549 of usa and certain publications by rilem, paris, have been guiding by publishing documents for the design and construction of ferrocement structures. Parallel ferrocement tire strips scaffold bracing a wet concrete roof. As a civil engineer or construction engineer i should be able to readily find that information. A ferrocement construction has only 10 to 25% of the weight of a comparable construction made of bricks. If you have never built a tank before, this book can still be a. Aquaculture, reservoirs, pools, and ponds general ferrocement. Prior to opening his own engineering firm in oregon in 1997, he was a professor of engineering at northern montana state university and at oregon institute of technology. If you estimate, install or repair roofing in residential or commercial structures, this book will show you the methods and materials the real pros use the tricks, shortcuts, and estimating formulas that will get you the job, keep your labor and material costs on target, and bring you a healthy profit.

It is used for a wide range of application including construction of boats, water tanks, slabs and roofs, and. In case of an intermediate floor, the remaining portion of the valley can be filled the with lean concrete, brick jelly lime concrete or lightweight material and finished with a floor. The irc itself is very limited in its design flexibility for concrete walls and roofs. The wire framework will hold the pieces together, which in some applications boat hull, ceiling and roof is an advantage. The fact that ferrocement construction does not require the use of.

Make a basic frame for the wall, roof, bench or whatever it is you are building, out of rebar and remesh 6. It appears the tank was connected to a hydram pump that used the power of the flowing water in the river to push water into the tank from where it was used by steam locomotives. Jan 24, 2012 make ferrocement roof panels on the ground so you dont have to plaster overhead. Aljabri department of civil and architectural engineering, sultan qaboos university, sultanate of oman abstract this paper presents the experimental results of nine roof panels made of ferrocement. Due to the increased amount of labour required for the construction process, ferrocement structures tend to be found in countries with low labour costs, such as in asia and the pacific regions. For individual dwellings, the tanks could be mounted atop roofs or on any elevated. Tests carried out include flexural and patch load tests, initial surface absorption tests, and shrinkage measurements. Ferrocement roofs for earthbag structures natural building blog. Steve explains how to make roof panels on the ground so you dont have to plaster overhead. The performance of such slabs was compared to those of cellular concrete slabs and commercially available hollow blocks.

Ferrocement is a form of reinforced concrete using. Its density and heat retaining capacity make it well suited for hot dry or highland regions, where. A composite material is a formed that behaves differently from reinforced. A catalogue record for this book is available from the british library. Pdf recent perspectives for ferrocement researchgate. Ferrocement can be monolith, jointless roof eliminating trusses and purlins nuts and bolts and joints as in the case of ac sheet metal sheets roof. Ferrocement superinsulated shell house design and construction. This publication provides a total package on trough shaped f. Ferrocement is typically used to relatively thin but strong surfaces and structures, such as for shell roofs, water tanks, and so on. Ferrocement is a composite material used to form thin section, it is composed of a mortar.

Ferrocement construction refers to a specific style of steel and concrete. No part of this book may be reproduced by any means, stored in a retrieval system, or. Abstract ferrocement is a composite material made up of cement mortar and reinforcement in the form of layer of mesh. The primary worldwide applications of ferrocement construction to. Properties of ferrocement has increased bond strength can undergo large deformations before collapse. From then on, thousands of ferrocement vessels and structures were built in quite a number of countries. The application as medium size selfsupporting wall and roofing elements produced in small workshops for social housing is a novelty and it. Ferrocement channel roof k n o w h o w material and labour requirement for construction of a fc channel roof of. Ferrocement roof shall transfer much less heat as compared to ac sheet metal sheets roof. The metal commonly used is iron or some type of steel.

It is also used in the construction of roof channels, doors, water tanks, toilet pans, slabs and biogas plants. The authors overall ferrocement housing concept however utilizes a ferrocement panel loadbearing wall system to support the roof but is the subject of another study in progress. These chapters include not only con cepts, but worked design examples. Selfreliance handbookferrocement construction wikibooks. When doing a roof, bend the rebar into an arch and crisscross them. It offers extensive and fundamental information on all common types of roofing, and provides practical details for their construction. Make a ferrocement sheet of given dimension length 24 breadth 24 thickness 2 references. Ferrocement fc is a form of thinshell construction that uses standard portland cement, usually mixed with plaster sand. Installation, repair and estimating for nearly every type of roof covering available today in residential and commercial structures. I have found a local almost supplier finally for the magnesium cement and an article about a beautiful gekko sculpture but the artist used a combination of portland cement and sand with only 15% magnesium oxide plus flyash and an. Feb, 2016 the ferrocement roof is superior as compared to a. I just found this great technique for making ferrocement roofs at steves flying concrete site.

Currently were working on building a 40x40 onfarm slaughterhouse and butcher shop which will a have ferrocement roof. Urban development is a key consumer of energy, a structural system based on generic services facilities is introduced by alrifaie and prefabricated ferrocement cavity wall and roof panels within. Study of fullscale elements of a ferrocement roof system for. A ferrocement construction has 10 to 25% of the weight of a comparable construction made of bricks. Ferro cement is suitable for the construction of roofingfloor elements. Applications of ferrocement in construction is vast due to the low self weight, lack of skilled workers, no need of framework etc. The wall thickness of ferrocement constructions is in general between 10 and 30 mm 38 to 118 inch.

The same ringbeam encloses the wall panels of the next floor. Additionally this book does not tell me what is the safe unsupported span of ferrocement slabs in relations to their thickness, reinforcement etc. Compared to traditional construction, the cement is reinforced with more steel or fiber at a closer spacing. Ferrocement or ferrocement is a system of construction using reinforced mortar or plaster lime or cement, sand and water applied over an armature of metal mesh, woven expandedmetal or metalfibers and closely spaced thin steel rods such as rebar. Journal of ferrocement volume 9, number 3, july 1979 papers on research and development anajysis, design and construction of ferrocement water tanks by p. Included under the title, new developments are important are chapters on the finite element analysis of thin shells, applications of shells to floor and foundation systems as well as construction in ferrocement. The easy way to make ferrocement roof panels natural. Foundation, walls, girder construction, electrical and plumbing, columns and pillars, concrete support systems, roof construction, septic tank design and construction, insulation and outer skin. The applicability of ferrocement as an alternative material for secondary roofing slabs was investigated. Ferrocement roofs for earthbag structures 6 comments eogreensticks on october 29, 2010 at 9. With these conditions, ferrocement proves to be a more favorable option than other materials used in construction, all of which have a higher unit material cost and require greater inputs of skilled labor. Repairs, rehabilitation, and retrofitting by ferrocement. It is composed of mortar and galvanized steel wire mesh.

You want to put the rebar every few of feet, both horizontally and vertically. In this oer we learnt about ferrocement technique, history of ferrocement, stapes of ferrocement construction, material use for ferrocement construction what is curing, precaution of curing, uses of ferrocement construction. In the early 1960s, ferrocement construction became widely accepted in australia, new zealand, and the united kingdom. The roofing system depicted is expected to result in a saving on the capital cost of 5060% given current market rates and compared with the typical form of.

Alternative material for secondary roofing elements. A ferrocement construction has 10 to 25% of the weight of. Ferrocement cant strictly be classified as a sustainable. Pdf thermal performance of ferrocement green building system. Due to the increased amount of labour required for the construction process, ferrocement structures tend to be found in countries with low labour costs, such as in. Ferrocement is a construction material consisting of wire meshes and cement mortar. This guide is consistent with aci building code requirements for reinforced concret e aci 318 except for the special characteristics of ferrocement, such as reinforcement cover and limits on deflection. Foundation, walls, girder construction, electrical and plumbing, columns and pillars, concrete support systems, roof construction, septic tank design and construction, insulation and. Lambot built a wirereinforced boat in which reinforcement was in the form of a network of wires. Make ferrocement roof panels on the ground so you dont have to plaster overhead.

Ferrocement educational network ferrocement house construction. Feb 22, 2016 affordable and sustainable construction pattern, earthquake resisting structures. When a ferrocement sheet is mechanically overloaded, it will tend to fold instead of crack or rupture. This roof construction system is suitable for sloping and flat roofs. Advantages of ferrocement over c i l r b cconventional rebar concrete 1 more 1. The standard methods of ferrocement construction and effect of shape due to which novel. The primary worldwide applications of ferrocement construction to date have been for tanks, roofs, silos and mostly boats. Quality of ferrocement works are assured because the components are. More bonding area, more dispersed reinforcement more crack resistance and usually, savings in reinforcement needed. During hardening, the ferrocement is kept moist, to ensure that the cement is able to set and harden.

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